The world's most advanced electric hydrofoil watercraft.

Redefining the Future of Watercraft

Our mission is to revolutionize the marine transport industry by developing cutting-edge electric hydrofoiling technology, aiming to set a new standard for efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in maritime travel.

What is a Hydrofoil Watercraft?

Our all electric hydrofoil watercraft is an auto-stabilising, semi-autonomous electric hydrofoiling boat that is able to fly above the water. 

Just think of it as a user friendly, high performance electric flying boat that creates no pollution.

Sustainability First

Zero Emissions

The twin electric WaveDrive propulsion system produces no emissions in or out of the water.

Low Wake

WaveFlyer produces nearly zero wake meaning our precious coastal habitats and other water users are unaffected.

Near Silent

Unlike fuel powered watercraft, WaveFlyer is near silent allowing you to enjoy the water in peace.

WaveDrive System

Dual Motor

Two efficient electric motors achieve high maneuverability at slow speed with smooth turns at foiling speed.

Fly-By-Wire Controls

WaveDrive employs an autopilot to actively stabilise the watercraft when foiling.

The fly-by-wire control system is configurable to suit your experience and driving style within safe operational limits.

The A-Tail

Unique anhedral rear wing significantly increases control authority.

Without wing tips WaveDrive is safer, more robust and efficient.

Rapid Recharge

WaveFlyer’s efficient battery system is lightweight and has one of the fastest recharge times in the industry.

Most electric watercraft take hours to charge and can only be used for less than an hour.

WaveFlyer can be fully charged in less than an hour and can be used for up to four hours.


Elegant Performance

Cruise Mode

Optimised for endurance and comfort, cruise mode gives you the confidence to smoothly fly over waves and explore inland waterways.

Performance Mode

WaveDrive software can switch from a stable cruise to dynamic performance. This increased agility is like piloting a figher jet on the water.

Imagine banking at high speeds with ease and in total control.

Shallow-Water Mode

With foils retracted, you can manoeuvre through shallow water and speed restricted zones. Safely explore shallow water areas and beaches.

Retractable Foils

Trailering and Transport

Most foil systems require deep water and extra caution around docks. The full retraction of WaveDrive allows WaveFlyer to be beached and trailered quickly, easily and without damage to the foil system.

Rapid Launching and Beaching

Whether launching from a ramp, dock, yacht, or beach, the simplicity of WaveFlyer allows you easy and fast offloading and onloading.

Manouverability at all Speeds

With a twin-motor configuration, WaveFlyer has unparalleled on-the-spot turning ability. Approach shallow areas, docks, and other vessels, knowing you remain safe and completely in control.

  • 100%

    Electric power

  • 4.5hr

    Cruise time

  • 40kph

    Top speed

  • 200kg

    Capacity (2 adults)

  • 100km

    Foiling range

  • Endless

    Potential for fun

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is WaveFlyer different from a normal boat?

The key difference between WaveFlyer and a traditional boat is that WaveFlyer is a hydrofoil craft. That means it has wings under the water that lift you out of the water, allowing it to be very fast while also being energy efficient. It is also electric, so it is incredibly quiet and sustainable with amasing agility and control that is not possible on a traditional boat.

How much does WaveFlyer cost?

The first production run base price is determined by the hull and battery choice, please see HERE for product options.

When will it be ready?

A limited production batch of WaveFlyers will be ready by 2023.

Where is WaveFlyer made?

WaveFlyer is being assembled in our facility in Western Australia, with parts and modules being manufactured from global suppliers.

What materials is WaveFlyer made from?

WaveFlyer is made from a range of complimentary modern materials including composite FRP sandwich, high-tensile stainless steel, titanium and marine-grade aluminium.

Do I need a licence to drive Waveflyer?

Global boating rules vary state to state. In Western Australia, for example, a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket is not required.

How long does it take to charge Waveflyer?

WaveFlyer can be charged to 80% in less than an hour and can be used for many hours.

Does WaveFlyer work in salt water?

All underwater components are fully sealed and corrosion resistant. A quick rinse with fresh water after use is all that is required to prevent any issues.

How do I launch WaveFlyer Into the water?

At the press of a button, WaveFlyer has fully retractable hydrofoils and can be loaded onto a standard trailer designed for traditional boats.

Can WaveFlyer go into waves?

The key is in the name, WaveFlyer can be used in protected flat water but is also suitable for coastal riding. As with any watercraft it is recommended to only use the boat in conditions that you feel comfortable in.

What happens if I fall off the boat?

We have incorporated a safety lanyard to the WaveFlyer so if you fall from the boat it will come to a standstill and wait for you to reboard.

How easy is it to fly?

The patented WaveDrive system automatically stabilises the vessel so all you need to do to get up and fly is push forward on the joystick.

Our fly-by-wire control system does all the work for you, truly an effortless and elegant experience.

Do you offer any training?

We are so confident in the ease of use of the WaveFlyer that all you need is a 5 minute instructional video to get up and flying.

If you need further training we offer a remote training session with each purchase.

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty on parts including batteries.