Our Team and Mission

At our core, we are a team of highly experienced individuals with a shared passion for making a difference. With backgrounds ranging from Aerospace Engineering to software development and Naval Architecture, we have united behind a common goal: to develop cutting-edge electric hydrofoil propulsion technology that provides a thrilling, eco-friendly way for people to experience waterways with the maximum safety and comfort without negatively impacting marine ecosystems. Our mission is to make this experience accessible to as many people as possible, with the ultimate aim of creating a more sustainable future for all.

  • Paul Steinmann


  • Dr Michael Andrewartha

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Joshua Cribb

    Head of Development & Co-Founder

  • Catherine Bian

    Financial Controller

  • David Bell

    VP Global Sales

  • Alishan Aziz

    Head Software Engineer

  • Eoghan Kilbridge

    Fluid Dynamics Engineer

  • Marcus Pham

    Instrumentation Manager

  • Alan Parker

    Advisory Board Chair

  • Lorri Bell

    Commercial Maritime Advisor

  • Rod Houston

    IP Licensing Advisor