Electro Nautic

Electro Nautic, a leading marine technology company, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electric watercraft propulsion. Our primary objective is to develop innovative electric marine technology and propulsion systems that not only meet but also surpass current standards. With an unwavering focus on innovation and sustainability, we are committed to providing an unparalleled watercraft experience. Embracing a future-oriented approach, Electro Nautic transforms vision into reality by advancing electric watercraft solutions from initial concepts to production. Step into a realm of pioneering engineering and advanced marine technology development, and welcome the future of watercraft propulsion with Electro Nautic.

Watercraft Systems

Drawing on our extensive experience in developing electric watercraft propulsion solutions for both consumers and OEMs, our watercraft propulsion solutions span a diverse spectrum. This includes complete electrical vessel architecture as well as a variety of advanced control systems.

Every single one of these solutions is meticulously conceived and created in-house, specifically tailored to ensure practical and effective deployment in real-world scenarios. Our watercraft propulsion solutions are highlighted by our patented WaveDrive technology, a cornerstone of innovation demonstrated in the WaveFlyer Volaré.

Our Offerings

Within Electro Nautic, our specialty revolves around the development of hydrofoil control systems and components for electric watercraft that transcend emerging demands. With a dedicated in-house team of experts, we oversee every aspect of the process – from initial design and meticulous engineering to the final stages of manufacturing.

Our Process

Electro Nautic offers a comprehensive range of services that encompass the entire product development journey, spanning from initial concept to final production.

Our Approach

1. Conceptualisation Stage - We begin our journey by interpreting our clients' visions using the skills of our in-house design team at Electro Nautic. The design process in this phase is guided by our team's extensive experience in researching and innovating advanced marine technologies. Our approach not only involves guiding our clients through every step but also entails close collaboration to craft the ideal solution tailored to their unique needs.

2. Design and Progression - Our distinctive strength lies in the skillset of our adept engineers who play a pivotal role in moulding and advancing the chosen concept. The Electro Nautic framework is designed for seamless adaptability and immediate responses to potential modifications throughout the project's lifecycle. With our tailored tools and processes, we ensure a robust alignment between the initial concept and the simulated outcomes.

3. Swift Prototyping - From the point of inception, our approach includes designing components that are production ready. This ensures that all standards are thoroughly considered, allowing us to leverage our advanced tools to swiftly transform virtual products into tangible hardware in a short span of time.

4. Precision Production - Prior to moving forward, our team diligently designs and prepares customised production lines for precise component assembly. This includes rigorous end-of-line (EOL) testing before shipping to our clients. Our engineers understand the significance of adaptable assembly lines that adhere to stringent quality standards, accommodate production rate variations, and address minor product adjustments over its lifecycle.

5. Rigorous Testing & Validation - Every product undergoes comprehensive evaluation and testing within our in-house facilities, conducted by our skilled specialists. Our testing regimen spans a broad spectrum, from standard characterisation tests that validate simulation results, to ensuring unwavering adherence of our products to the highest quality benchmarks.